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Quantum Computing with IBM's Bob Sutor: TECHNYCAL PODCAST #8

Bob Sutor is VP - IBM Q Strategy and Ecosystem, IBM Research (Quantum Computing). This bleeding-edge technology will revolutionize "classical" computing.


Plus, you can run real algorithms on a quantum computer at this site:

IBM Q Experience


The Things Network with Terry Moore and Frank Rose: TECHNYCAL Podcast #7


The Things Network is a volunteer organization that is implementing Long-Range Wide-Area Networking devices – also known as LoRaWAN –in cities around the world.

The Things Network


"Cloud Wars" with Bob Evans: TECHNYCAL Podcast #6


Bob Evans, Founder and Principal of Evans Strategic Communications, and former VP of Strategic Communications for Oracle, discusses the state of cloud computing and his rankings of the top 10.



In a Fog? Great! TECHNYCAL Podcast #5 -- Fog Computing with Lynne Canavan, Rhonda Dirvin, and Matt Vasey

Fog Computing allows sensors to communicate amongst themselves and then upload only the analytics to the cloud. Hear Bill Kozel’s roundtable conversation with the OpenFog Consortium.



Web Daddy: TECHNYCAL Podcast #4 -- Google's Vint Cerf

Dr. Vinton Gray Cerf is known as one of the "fathers" of the Internet, having developed the TCP/IP protocols.




I, Robot: TECHNYCAL Podcast #3 -- Oliver Mitchell, Autonomy Ventures

Serial entrepreneur and VC Oliver Mitchell provides a global view of the robotics industry. autonomyventures.com


Hot Chips: TECHNYCAL Podcast #2 -- NVIDIA, with Ian Buck

NVIDIA  has become one of the hottest companies in the tech world. It produces  microprocessors that power artificial intelligence, deep learning, and  self-driving cars. nvidia.com


Way Beyond "Jeopardy": TECHNYCAL Podcast #1 -- IBM Watson IoT with John Walicki

John Walicki, Watson IoT Developer Ecosystem Advocate, discusses how Watson IoT can transform your business. ibm.com


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Bill Kozel, Creative Director, TechWriters/NYC

At TechWriters/NYC, we translate geek speak into language that even a CEO can understand.


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